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Need Quality Safety Supplies in Newfoundland and Labrador? Come to Us

Commercial space is prone to unfortunate accidents. It is always better to be cautious with all required equipment and gear to deal with any unforeseen situation. If you are in need of quality safety supplies in Newfoundland and Labrador, Vision Packaging Supplies Ltd is the place you can come to. We are your trusted source for everything you need for personal protection and the safety of your commercial space. From safety gloves and footwear to reflective vests and respirators, we provide all types of safety supplies.


At Vision Packaging Supplies Ltd, we stand by our products. We make sure to consistently improve and strive towards keeping our customers happy and safe. Our main suppliers include Alliance Mercantile Inc. Ronco® and Degil™. For more information about our safety and personal protection equipment, visit our store.

Wide Selection of Safety Supplies

Listed below are the safety and personal protection supplies we offer:

PPE (Personal protection equipment)

FR (Fire retardant clothing)


Safety t-shirts

Safety glasses

Hard hats

WHMIS labels

Freezer jackets and pants

Our Suppliers

Some of our other suppliers are:

InCom Manufacturing Group (TopTape & Label)
SCN Industrial



We offer a variety of products and supplies, such as safety equipment, cleaners, packing materials, and more.



Our aim is to be your one-stop solution for all packaging and safety supplies. We also provide credit facilities.

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