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Packaging and Shipping Supplies in Newfoundland and Labrador

It is very important to pack any product properly when you have to store or ship to another place. Proper packing of products helps to prevent any damage caused to them, especially during shipping from one place to another. Vision Packaging Supplies Ltd is the right choice for you when you are looking for a company that offers an array of packaging and shipping supplies in Newfoundland and Labrador. You can come to us when you are in need of packing tapes, kraft paper, cartons, shipping tags, and much more. Every product you buy from us comes with great quality. Our goal is to help you determine safe and secure packaging solutions for your business.


Our supplies such as carton boxes, mattress bags, WHMIS labels, stretch wraps, and shipping tags come from famous brands like Shurtape® (tapes), Maritime Paper Products Limited (cartons and bags), Zohar Plastiques Inc (mattress bags/tub bags), Alte-Rego (wicket bags), Sabre (packing and WHMIS labels), Malpack (stretch wrap), and Atlas Tag® (shipping tags). To learn more about our supplies, please feel free to reach out to us.

We Offer

Listed below are the packaging and shipping supplies we provide:

Packing tapes

Kraft paper

Poly bags

Cardboard boxes/cartons

Corrugated paper


Bubble wraps

Shrink wraps

Stretch wraps

Pails and lids

Foam containers

Gel packs

Dangerous goods placards and labels

Shipping tags

WHMIS labels

Packing labels

Container seals, plastics and bolts

Our Suppliers

Listed below are some of our other suppliers:

SCN Industrial
Alpha Polybag™
Avery Dennison



We offer a variety of products and supplies, such as safety equipment, cleaners, packing materials, and more.



Our aim is to be your one-stop solution for all packaging and safety supplies. We also provide credit facilities.

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